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Member's Area

What is the Member's Area?

The Member’s Area is a new addition to our Web Services, providing Network members with useful tools to monitor the status of data submissions in the Data Management area, view and manage Center Contacts and access the Collaborative Learning Center for improvement tools produced for the NICQ and iNICQ Quality Improvement Collaboratives. play Watch a 4 minute video tour of the new Member's Area

To access the Member’s Area, log in using the Member’s Area box to the right or the box found in the upper right corner of any of our web pages. Log in using the same email and password used for logging into Nightingale. If you do not have access to the Member's Area, see instructions to the right.

The Member's Area allows access to the following five areas

Data Management Tools
  • View the status of your center’s most recent data submissions and data submission history.
  • View a current summary of your center’s overall data status for a 3 year period
  • View the status of your center’s Year End Data Finalization
  • Create customized up-to-date Data Form Status and Error & Warning summaries
  • Initiate changes to your center’s Database participation

playWatch a 4 minute video of the data management tools

Nightingale Reports
  • Convenient links to the Nightingale Internet Reporting System* from the Member’s Area (*Note: Nightingale access is not included with the Member's Area, but needs to be granted separately by your Administrator.)
Collaborative Learning Center
  • Improvement Tools for All Members- Access a basic set of resources for use in improving the quality of care of infants by any VON member.
  • Improvement Tools for iNICQ/NICQ Participants- Access an expanded library of quality improvement documents and resources for NICQ & iNICQ Collaborative participants.
Center Contact Info
  • View a listing of all VON contacts at your center
  • Manage changes to your center’s contact information
Network Participation
  • View all the VON projects that your center is involved in
  • View details of your participation along with a synopsis of the project

No matter where you are in the Member’s Area, you can easily give feedback, comments, suggestions for improvement or ask questions by clicking on the text, “Click to Give Feedback”, at the bottom right of each page. Please do not hesitate to use this feature as the information you provide is important to us!

Getting access to the Member's Area is easy!

  1. Sign a Web Services Addendum.
    A signed Web Services Addendum authorizing Vermont Oxford Network to give your center access to the Member's Area is required. This Addendum indicates your center's choice of IP address restrictions and also identifies the people at your center who have Administrative rights to the VON Web Services. Click here to start the process for obtaining a Web Services Addendum.
  2. Web Services Administrator.
    Your center's Web Services Administrator, identified on the Web Services Addendum, manages Member's Area Users for your center by easily adding and removing users.
  3. Set up authorized users.
    Setting someone up as an authorized user can be done quickly online.

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