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Completed Trials

In addition to the trials that are currently open, we have several trials that have been completed.

Early Surfactant Replacement Study
Enrollment in the Early Surfactant Replacement was completed with a total of 267 low birth weight infants enrolled. The results of this study were presented at the Society for Pediatric Research in May 2003 and the Annual Meeting of Vermont Oxford Network in December 2003. A manuscript is forthcoming. Learn more...

Neonatal Skin Care Study
The purpose of the Neonatal Skin Care Study (NSCS) was to evaluate the effect of prophylactic application of Aquaphor Original emollient ointment during the first two weeks of life on the incidence of mortality and/or nosocomial bacterial sepsis at 28 days of age in infants of birth weight 501 - 1000 grams compared to those infants receiving routine skin care. Learn more...

Benchmarking, in conjunction with quality improvement efforts, holds great promise for incremental improvements in the outcomes of neonatal intensive care. Effective benchmarking requires risk adjustment to permit accurate and fair comparisons among hospitals. SNAP-II is an extensively validated illness severity index developed specifically for neonatal intensive care. Learn more . .

Steroid Trial
The purpose of the Steroid Trial was to compare the effect of early postnatal dexamethasone to selective late dexamethasone therapy in ventilated extremely low birth weight premature infants. Learn more...

Surfactant Trial
The purpose of the Surfactant Trial was to compare the efficacy of a synthetic surfactant to a modified bovine surfactant extract in the treatment of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome. Learn more...

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