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Electronic Data Submission

Vermont Oxford Network members can submit infant data electronically using our eNICQ software or by submitting a file created from another system which is provided to members as part of their membership fee. You may also submit electronic data from another system, as outlined below.

eNICQ Software

eNICQ 5 is provided free to all member centers. Members are encouraged to use eNICQ for electronic data entry and submission as it helps ensure the accurate entry and submission of data to the VON Database. It is possible to create an interface between your center’s data collection or EHR software so data items in eNICQ 5 are populated from entries in that application. For more information, please see the eNICQ 5 External Data Interface Guide.

Submitting Electronic Data from another System

Data may be submitted to the Vermont Oxford Network in a file created by your center’s data collection or EHR software, or via direct XML streaming over a secure HTTPS connection. Resources For Establishing Your Electronic Data Submission Protocol Are Available Here.

Assistance with Electronic Data Submission

The Vermont Oxford Network’s Technical Support Team is available to assist with questions you or your center’s IT team may have. Please email

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